17+ years of experience in advertising printing

In addition to technical skills and experience in printing, the use of modern technology plays a leading role in the production and processing of printed materials.

one of saigoncolor offset printer

Quality is achieved through modern production lines, machinery, and the expertise of skilled printers.

  • The quality of the finished product is always at its highest compared to the customer-approved mockup, thanks to modern machinery and the experience of skilled printers.
  • Fast printing/processing time allows customers to be proactive in using the materials for their business operations.
  • Reasonable costs are prioritized by Saigoncolor, who aims to help customers build long-term partnerships rather than optimizing profits.
  • Interaction and listening to feedback are key, as Saigoncolor always provides appropriate solutions to any issues that may arise, quickly resolving problems and sharing any unexpected costs with the customer.

Our commitment to value

From raw ideas to complete and authentic individuals, we strive to bring out the best in every project. From a simple name on a piece of paper to a vibrant and compelling story told through experience.

Comprehensive solution

We provide expert advice on implementation plans and offer backup solutions in case plan A encounters unexpected issues, with a contingency plan in place.

Professional process

We thoroughly understand and prioritize our clients' requirements, providing quick and accurate quotations, signing contracts and producing samples, printing and delivering the final product.

Creative ideas

Our team has years of experience in brand development and recognition, both domestically and internationally, with creativity at the forefront.

17+ years of experience

Our management team has extensive experience, and our skilled printers have worked in the industry for many years, providing high-quality services to major clients.

Fast and efficient

We provide quick and accurate quotations, without any hidden fees, and efficiently manage our sales and technical teams, ensuring accurate results.

High applicability

We continuously apply and innovate technology to achieve the highest quality products.

Customer interaction

Our goal is to provide immediate and satisfactory support to our customers, with customer satisfaction as the benchmark for product quality.

Corresponding value

We provide reasonable pricing for the high-quality products we deliver, with fair and competitive pricing.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee customer satisfaction and will replace any technical errors from our team at Saigoncolor.

Our team

Established in early 2017, the team, led by the CEO who has many years of experience working in international and foreign-owned joint venture environments, has been continuously growing and now has more than 10 members excluding the print shop technicians.

Mission statement

To deliver simple, effective and professional online solutions that help growing businesses.


Simple & Effective is our motto. We aim to minimize redundant factors in our business, from customer services to production, with a focus on quality in mind. Making a website has never been easier, with aido.pro. That’s our promise to you.

Our clients trust us

Ywert Visser

Asia Injury Prevention Foundation

It was a very pleasant experience. During the design phase, saigoncolor gave us many suggestions. They delivered on time. They are the kind of company most (even the big ones) in Vietnam could learn from in terms of service and quality.

Nguyen Thuy

Visual Artist

As a client, I found it very convenient using saigoncolor’s services. Their design is very good with colors, fonts, display of images and management of contexts. Beside that, I can also update my information with a simple instruction from their designer. The mutual understanding is very important and saigoncolor showed me that through their service. It’s very nice to be their client!

Walter Leijen

WL Management Pte Ltd, Singapore

saigoncolor is a professional web design company which works with strict deadlines that are always met. Their design ideas are relevant and understanding of what the customer is looking to the point. During our cooperation the communication was transparent and straightforward, saigoncolor proved to be a reliable business partner. I recommend saigoncolor at all times.